Finally, One Media Giant -The New York Times- Calls Sitting President A Liar

Finally, Someone in media calls Trump a liar

The earth didn’t shake, the sky didn’t fall and tsunamis didn’t rise on Tuesday when America woke up to this headline from the New York Times, “Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote With Lawmakers.” Finally, someone in the media with enough gumption to use the widely avoided “L” word when referring to what the recently sworn in 45th president of the United States says and tweets.

This latest lie in The New York Times is not new but he is just doubling down in classic Trump style. His modus operandi is not to back away, admit a mistake, apologize or tweet a retraction. No, he digs in like a recalcitrant child throwing a tantrum if he doesn’t get his way or feels slighted. He is now the president but cannot get over not winning the popular vote. His deep narcissism will not allow him to see that he was sent to Washington as an employee of the people and that the job was bigger than himself. Self-awareness eludes this man, so he keeps repeating the voter fraud lie—that over 3 million people voted illegally and now wants to use taxpayers money to investigate a non-issue. Last week, one day after his inauguration, the lie was about crowd size and intelligence feud.
Wrapped up deeply in this dangerous neurosis, Trump doesn’t seem to understand that claiming voter fraud undermines the very democracy that allowed him to take office despite the Russian hacking. Moreover, questioning the legitimacy of the election also casts doubts on his win. Just to play devil’s advocate, if 3 to 5 million folks voted illegally, then some could easily have voted for him. The absurdity of his claims is lost on him of course because his incredulous obsession has clouded his already befuddled thinking—rendering him completely irrational. He is trying to fit the number of illegal votes to the amount Hillary Clinton beat him by in the popular vote, regardless of how illogical that makes him.

Anyone who paid just a modicum of attention to what Donald J Trump has said during the 2016 presidential campaign, saw him lying blatantly and repeatedly on every and anything—from the small and trivial to the potentially dangerous–but for some unknown reason, the media refused to call his lies, lies. From his tax returns being under an unending audit, seeing thousands of Muslims celebrating 9/11, boasting of having a relationship with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, then saying he didn’t know him, bragging on tape of sexually assaulting women then, brazenly saying he didn’t do what he said he did, to the many promises he made to voters that he cannot and will not keep—this man has lied his way to the White House. (See Trump brag of his relationship with Putin below).

The Danger Of Having A Pathological Liar As President

A Canadian newspaper had compiled a shocking list of 500 lies Trump told on the campaign trail but despite this scorching trail, “falsehood,” “misspoke,” “Misrepresenting the fact,” “wrong facts,” and Kellyanne Conway’s latest stunner– “alternative facts,” have been the preferred stand-in for the word lie. It’s almost like “lie “ has taken on an obscene quality. The fact that so much is being made of the Times headline says it all.

But why is that? Why has calling a lie, a lie took on the same weight as the “F” word? Has the media put absurd civility over responsible journalism? Even more importantly, whether the media dodges calling out Trump lies for what they are, the American people and the rest of the world are watching. And if the leader of the free world continues to lie with impunity, he will lose all credibility, if he hasn’t already. Which will undoubtedly undermine his presidency as well as have the troubling potential to destabilize the country.

All politicians lie but when that lying is grossly irresponsible and nothing is too trivial or serious to fudge the truth, there is a serious problem. Albert Einstein once said, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters, cannot be trusted with important matters.” Trump is entrusted with the most important job in our country and maybe the world and he doesn’t have the character to effectively do that job. How could he, when his maniacal ego and massive insecurities trump putting others first? More importantly, if he is not believed in some things, he will not be believed on anything and the consequences can be deeply dangerous. Therein lies the monstrous problem of having a pathological liar in charge of the free world.

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