Author: David McCarty

Pennsylvania’s Cannabis Industry is on the Rise

On April 17, 2016, Pennsylvania created its medical marijuana program. Since then, they have done their best to decriminalize the people using marijuana for medical reasons and carrying it around. They have done the same things for people selling, dispensing, and prescribing marijuana. Since then, the state’s medical marijuana industry has seen incredible growth.

Part of that growth has been from the number of dispensaries that have not only been able to open their doors but expand beyond their own original location. The first store to open was a store known as ReStore in Northern Liberties. They opened on May 30, 2018. They now have two additional locations in Elkins Park and Doylestown.

This growth came from their record sales and the additional need to expand before being open a year. A lot of dispensaries are seeing the same kinds of growth. They may have had slow starts because of the numbers of people signing up and waiting for approval, but now business is booming.

Another significant reason for this change was the introduction of more strains or marijuana and flowers or “buds” which has meant that more people are finding the right treatments than there were in the first year of operation.

There are only 21 conditions that are allowed to be treated with marijuana, but more are in the pipeline for possible approval within the year. Some of those reasons include opioid addiction which is still being studied for effectiveness in several states. Medical Marijuana in PA is growing in response to the need to treat more illnesses.

What has also made the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana program effective is the number of physicians participating in it and learning more about what has been studied in terms of treatment. Many physicians were never introduced to marijuana as a possible way of treating conditions until the laws started to change.

They are reading up on how marijuana is effective at treating a number of illnesses and while there were some physicians that may have been too loose with the medical marijuana cards in the beginning through lack of understanding this has tightened up. People are getting actual treatment and are able to see their doctors about this without needing to pay $200 per visit.

The doctors themselves are also learning from their patients because of the relationship between the dispensary and the pharmacy means that patient information gets shared back and forth. The patient conditions are being closely monitored and the medications are being adjusted as needed for each patient.

If one strain of marijuana doesn’t work, the doctor is able to check with the patient’s pharmacy to help figure out which one to try next and at what dosage and type. They are working together to help the patient find relief.

The Pennsylvania Registry website has also made great progress to make sure patients do not wait too long for their medical marijuana card. If all the paperwork, physician’s recommendation form, and the application fee is paid for then it usually only takes two weeks for approval to be granted and a license issued. Some applications are being processed faster than others.

Now that the program is over a year only, it can no longer be considered young so the entire process is speeding up. There are fewer new hurdles for patients to jump and the dispensaries are figuring out what they need to open a store and stay active in the business. What is allowable for a store to do and sell is established and how the need to operate to stay compliant with the state laws has been figured out such as it is alright to assist people with purchasing medical marijuana from the store.

It is not alright to conduct yoga or meditation classes in the same building. This is sending mixed messages. This kind of culture is still encouraged as a way to not only enjoy your medication but as a way to find relief in a different way. It will just not be allowed by the state because it makes it more difficult to track how a patient’s medicine is working if other things may be affecting it.

They want to make sure that what patient is receiving from a facility is only what they are being prescribed to have. They can participate in other activities, just not ones connected with the dispensary.


Medical marijuana has turned the state into the direction of self-guided wellness. A patient has more options for treating their medical problems without needing to rely on heavy doses of medications that have any number of side effects. What makes this system function so well is that there is more of a balance and a lot of communication between, patient, doctor, and dispensary. This means all parties are informed and know what is going on. This means the patients are getting closely observed and the medicines adjusted correctly.…

Bill Maher Goes “Politically Incorrect” And Sets Liberals Straight

Usually, when I write these things, I blandly describe all of Maher’s snark. Tonight, I’m going on my own politically incorrect diatribe,,, and damn the consequences.

For years now, liberals and progressives have gotten more and more caught up in “being outraged” over anything anyone might say that might offend someone anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Even if imagined. Liberals have worn this badge of honor at their detriment, quite seriously.

What? You say? Us liberals have defended the honor of everyone (unless, by everyone you mean everyone — anyone who isn’t male, white or makes a living even slightly higher than any average some statistical guru can throw at us to toss back in your face — Then it’s ok to ‘shame and mock). Liberals have increasingly lived by the rule of “if you are white and do anything “multicultural” you are inherently being offensive to that culture. That tact has earned the liberals the loss of the Senate, House, Presidency, the majority of governorships and most of the state legislatures in the country.

Say I am overreacting or my premise has no merit? Cause all those progressives out there on social media (you know, all the majority white folk who have the money to own all types of digital devices that they can be on Facebook and Twitter all day) say that we must be offended every time someone (white people, especially men) says anything that isn’t either totally neutral or demeans white people — otherwise it is offensive, unacceptable and we must have a “safe zone” to protect us from it.


I’m sorry if I come off as rude, but I grew up in Pittsburgh, one of those staunchly democratic, pro-union areas. Ya know what, looking back, I think I was raised pretty well — not perfectly, but pretty well. We grew up there like I am sure others were in the 70s and 80s, being instilled with values about all of us being God’s children, equal and all of that. At the same time, we were ethnic, we were cultural, and we weren’t ashamed of it.

We were never perfect, but we were decent people. People who loved and cared for our families and friends and didn’t wish ill will on anyone. Sometimes we were ignorant to ‘modern culture’ but we didn’t hate.

All those good Democrats I just described. All those decent and loving pro-union people — voted for Trump in the election.

They didn’t vote for him cause they were bigots or stupid. They did it because Trump was that buddy “at the end of the bar” who said those things that might have been wrong sometimes but were never ill-willed. That guy didn’t hate foreigners, but at the same time, he saw his and his family/friend’s jobs going away. They didn’t want to vote for “the other side” but increasingly, year after year, the “party” (democratic) kept getting more and more out of touch, more and more “elite.” The party that talked about the worker’s right to organize and their support of it hardly mentioned such things anymore — and just talked about how great some trade deal would be for them. The same way a company would tell it’s employees how the new “pay plan” was going to benefit them, only to see their checks shrink or their hours increase. Or both. Or maybe their job just disappeared. Suddenly, being offended about some crack about someone else wasn’t “the most important thing.”

While liberals were obsessed with anyone “fat shaming” the GOP took over every institution in government from School Board to The POTUS (and soon the SCOTUS).

It wasn’t about 1 gaffe on the campaign trail, it was about 1 guy actually at least pretending to give a shit about them. Something the Democratic party hasn’t done in 30 years. Seriously, they haven’t.

Meanwhile, liberals, while well intentioned, have become so obsessed with being outraged over every little thing everyone says and if it could potentially offend anyone, that they missed the forest for the trees. Like I said before, they lost the Senate, House, Presidency, The majority of Governorships and State Legislatures while worrying about what someone might have said that might have offended someone and/or somewhere.

Does anyone with a brain think that this strategy will win us anything down the road?

Seriously, I ask you — and please show your work, be specific. Enlighten me and millions of others how someone who might say something “insensitive” really matters so much more than someone’s job. And then explain to me why I should vote for the person who can’t get over someone’s comment over the person who actually seems to care about those jobs. I’m not talking right or wrong — I’m talking perception,,, and that is the reality.

As it has been pointed out — Hillary ignored the rust belt, by and large. Well, except for Philadelphia. Why? Philadelphia has one of those old school ground operations. The kind that literally goes out and takes people to polls. The kind that still pays out “street money” to locals to get those people to the polls. Nothing illegal or unethical, just old school. And on election night, Philadelphia did deliver the amount of votes that it promised and the Clinton campaign thought they needed.

The problem was all those rural counties in Pennsylvania we all laughed at produced more than anyone thought they ever would. Why? Because Clinton, The Democratic Party, and all those liberals abandoned them. Meanwhile, people like Trump and Trump himself embraced them. Yes, all that stuff about bringing coal jobs back was total bullshit. That didn’t matter. The fact was Trump was the first candidate in 30 years that actually came to their town and said, “I give a shit.” That is what they voted for. It wasn’t about party or ideologies or any “purity test” — they just wanted someone to act like they existed. While Hillary was entertaining in Philadelphia, Trump and his surrogates were going to Scranton, Butler, and DuBois telling them, “I didn’t forget you.” That’s what won the election.

Keep telling yourself that all those people are bigots or “ok with a bigot” and have fun getting your ass kicked in every election in the future. The fact is, all that never played into it.

They didn’t vote for or against anyone’s offhand statement that the liberal outrage machine was ready to pounce on. Frankly, they had enough of that. And even more frankly, their vote wasn’t hedged on who should use which bathroom. Most of them, if you take the politics out of it, are just fine with anyone using the bathroom of their choice as long as the world doesn’t make a huge deal of it. I’m sure that last statement will offend some — and I am equally as sure your outrage won’t sway one vote come the next election.

The fact is, the Democratic party and liberals need to get their feet back on the ground and concentrate on what really matters to people. What matters to them is their day to day life. Not some abstract concept of equality and justice that they never see. The Democratic Party has the right ideas at its core, it has just gotten taken off track by trying to please everyone all the time. Higher wages, the workers right to organize, the woman’s right to choose — all of our right to live a life that we choose with opportunities for all. Those are great ideals. The party and its members should fight for that. Instead, we’ve been reduced to fighting for someone’s outrage over something that affected nothing.

I am sure that some out there will put every word I said under a microscope and overanalyze it to “prove” something that is totally irrelevant. That is why Democrats are losing elections.


South Dakota Republicans Declare State Of Emergency To Remove Ethics Commission

It would seem that our new Republican-controlled Congress set the tone by attempting to simply remove ethics as one of the first news stories for 2017. As Abraham Lincoln said, ‘Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.’ The new balance of power tipped to today’s Republicans, and now those in South Dakota are pushing to remove the trifling inconvenience of their own ethics commission too.



At the start of the New Year, Congressional Republicans thought it would totally fly to remove the role of the House’s only independent ethics office behind closed doors on a holiday. They suffered incredible backlash from angry Americans and managed to shock millions who were already reeling from the shock of the election results. Fortunately for our democracy, they turned tail and changed course. The Republican coup in North Carolina also shocked us all when Pat McCrory attempted to render newly-elected Governor Roy Cooper as powerless as he possibly could in a closed-door session barred from the public.

Nothing fascist there…

In this new climate, where the pendulum has swung so far right that we are now getting a clear look into the hideous eyes of fascism, South Dakota Republicans prepare to demolish their ethic commission by calling a ‘state of emergency.’ Nevermind that 51.6% of the South Dakota voters had approved new ethics commissions laws fittingly called the ‘Anti-corruption Act’ Measure 22 with a ballot initiative just this November -the same day of Trump’s election. The Republican Governor, Dennis Daugaard, proclaimed that voters had been ‘hoodwinked by scam artists who grossly misrepresented these proposed measures.’ A conservative lobbying group and 25 GOP lawmakers pushed to repeal it entirely and immediately, also thereby denying voters their right to vote on the measure again through a veto referendum. How convenient.

‘We are pretty squeaky clean, and I can say that with a great deal of pride in South Dakota; the ethics among the people that serve the state in the legislature, I would call impeccable,’ stated Rep. Larry Rhoden, who was leading the repeal effort.

This statement by Rhoden is in stark contrast with supporters of the ethics commission, who believe South Dakota deserves an ‘F’ rating for integrity. Perhaps Larry Rhoden used new-fangled ‘alternative facts.’ The state ranks 47th in the nation for accountability from the Center for Public Integrity, 2014 winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

South Dakota receives an ‘F’ in 2015 for the categories of:

  • Public Access to Information,
  • Political Financing
  • Electoral Oversight
  • Executive Accountability
  • Legislative Accountability
  • State Civil Service Management
  • Ethics Enforcement Agencies
  • State Pension Fund Management
  • and most tellingly –Lobbying Disclosure

The backlash to this news is just beginning as well, but clearly, Trump’s election has given many a Republican the permission and carte blanche to simply remove oversight into their obvious corruption and the thousands of dollars special interests funnel to them.

Finally, One Media Giant -The New York Times- Calls Sitting President A Liar

Finally, Someone in media calls Trump a liar

The earth didn’t shake, the sky didn’t fall and tsunamis didn’t rise on Tuesday when America woke up to this headline from the New York Times, “Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote With Lawmakers.” Finally, someone in the media with enough gumption to use the widely avoided “L” word when referring to what the recently sworn in 45th president of the United States says and tweets.

This latest lie in The New York Times is not new but he is just doubling down in classic Trump style. His modus operandi is not to back away, admit a mistake, apologize or tweet a retraction. No, he digs in like a recalcitrant child throwing a tantrum if he doesn’t get his way or feels slighted. He is now the president but cannot get over not winning the popular vote. His deep narcissism will not allow him to see that he was sent to Washington as an employee of the people and that the job was bigger than himself. Self-awareness eludes this man, so he keeps repeating the voter fraud lie—that over 3 million people voted illegally and now wants to use taxpayers money to investigate a non-issue. Last week, one day after his inauguration, the lie was about crowd size and intelligence feud.
Wrapped up deeply in this dangerous neurosis, Trump doesn’t seem to understand that claiming voter fraud undermines the very democracy that allowed him to take office despite the Russian hacking. Moreover, questioning the legitimacy of the election also casts doubts on his win. Just to play devil’s advocate, if 3 to 5 million folks voted illegally, then some could easily have voted for him. The absurdity of his claims is lost on him of course because his incredulous obsession has clouded his already befuddled thinking—rendering him completely irrational. He is trying to fit the number of illegal votes to the amount Hillary Clinton beat him by in the popular vote, regardless of how illogical that makes him.

Anyone who paid just a modicum of attention to what Donald J Trump has said during the 2016 presidential campaign, saw him lying blatantly and repeatedly on every and anything—from the small and trivial to the potentially dangerous–but for some unknown reason, the media refused to call his lies, lies. From his tax returns being under an unending audit, seeing thousands of Muslims celebrating 9/11, boasting of having a relationship with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, then saying he didn’t know him, bragging on tape of sexually assaulting women then, brazenly saying he didn’t do what he said he did, to the many promises he made to voters that he cannot and will not keep—this man has lied his way to the White House. (See Trump brag of his relationship with Putin below).

The Danger Of Having A Pathological Liar As President

A Canadian newspaper had compiled a shocking list of 500 lies Trump told on the campaign trail but despite this scorching trail, “falsehood,” “misspoke,” “Misrepresenting the fact,” “wrong facts,” and Kellyanne Conway’s latest stunner– “alternative facts,” have been the preferred stand-in for the word lie. It’s almost like “lie “ has taken on an obscene quality. The fact that so much is being made of the Times headline says it all.

But why is that? Why has calling a lie, a lie took on the same weight as the “F” word? Has the media put absurd civility over responsible journalism? Even more importantly, whether the media dodges calling out Trump lies for what they are, the American people and the rest of the world are watching. And if the leader of the free world continues to lie with impunity, he will lose all credibility, if he hasn’t already. Which will undoubtedly undermine his presidency as well as have the troubling potential to destabilize the country.

All politicians lie but when that lying is grossly irresponsible and nothing is too trivial or serious to fudge the truth, there is a serious problem. Albert Einstein once said, “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters, cannot be trusted with important matters.” Trump is entrusted with the most important job in our country and maybe the world and he doesn’t have the character to effectively do that job. How could he, when his maniacal ego and massive insecurities trump putting others first? More importantly, if he is not believed in some things, he will not be believed on anything and the consequences can be deeply dangerous. Therein lies the monstrous problem of having a pathological liar in charge of the free world.…

‘Santa Is WHITE. BOYCOTT Mall Of America’: Bigots Have A Field Day Over Black Santa

When the Mall of America announced that it would be welcoming its first black Santa Claus, many hailed it as a good thing with a quiet nod of approval as they moved about their day. But it appears so many did not quite approve according to Scott Gillespie of the Star Tribune.

Scott found the need to turn online comments off in the Star Tribune article about the Santa.

Racists are taking their emboldened bigotry to many other outlets, however, hurling epithets at the Santa as well as African-Americans in general across the internet over Mall of America’s choice for Santa.

Forcing White Ethnicity On A Patron Saint From Turkey All Over Mall Of America’s Black Santa

According to The St. Nicholas Center:

The true story of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas, who was born during the third century in the village of Patara. At the time the area was Greek and is now on the southern coast of Turkey. His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. Obeying Jesus’ words to “sell what you own and give the money to the poor,” Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships.

So plainly Santa is a white American patriot that loves guns and untethered free market capitalism. Even Megyn Kelly thinks so as she exposed on a Fox News panel 3 years ago.

It seems nobody really cared that much except the bigots that felt their white fragility being disturbed ever so slightly at a more historically accurate portrayal of what St. Nicholas may have actually looked like.…

Ann Coulter Is An Ineffably Vile Human Being

Since 1998, Ann Coulter, licensed attorney and conservative commentator, has published a dozen books of cock-eyed, uncontextualized, hyperbolic right-wing hate.

In between she has made a number of controversial polemic statements, particularly that liberals “always root for savages against civilization,” that society would be better off if everybody practiced Christianity, because, “We just want Jews to be perfected, as they say;” and her characterization of abortion doctor Pat Tiller’s 2009 murder as “termination in the 203rd trimester.” She has also mentioned that women shouldn’t have the right to vote, as it inhibits the Republicans from electoral victory, that allowing civil liberties to Muslims will only “give Muslims a cushion for another attack on America,” and even had the gall to state that “gays are the opposite of blacks, [because] everybody likes the gays moving in next door.”

Although Coulter’s opinions are shocking, not least of which because they are mean-spirited, narrow-minded and downright, straight-up, flat-out WRONG, they are hardly surprising. In fact, even a basic glimpse into her life before her rise to fame as a Republican shill will only prove that it was depressingly inevitable that she would proudly cling to her wicked beliefs.

Though born in New York City, Ann Hart Coulter was raised in New Canaan, Connecticut, an isolated, affluent, WASPy hamlet in Fairfield County along the Metro North Railroad line, full of incredibly wealthy people. It is a place like something out of a John Cheever novel, where the sons receive cushy positions in their fathers’ companies as coming-of-age presents and the daughters are raised to be “the very best person they possibly can.”

Ann’s father, John Vincent Coulter, was an attorney for the Phelps Dodge Corporation, a mining company infamous for wreaking much ecological havoc, and sided with the scabs during a strike against the company in the 1980s. According to Coulter’s eulogy of him at the time of his death in 2008, he also spent several years as a FBI informant in New York City on the trail of communists during McCarthyism. Indeed, given her father’s values and the surroundings in which she was raised, it’s fair to say her background was rather privileged and quite far to the political right.

Without a doubt, this explains everything — her attitude that as long as she never had any unbelievably bad shit beat down on her like a ton of bricks, she need not care, her sense of self-justification for that specifically, and her sense of self-entitlement that manifested itself in the form of knowingly giving a false address on a voter registration form, deliberately voting at the wrong precinct in Palm Beach, Florida in the town election in February 2006 and hiring her ex-boyfriend, FBI Special Agent Jim Fitzgerald, to back off the local sheriff’s deputies and game the system so that the charges would be nullified by the two-year statute of limitations, which would save her from a $5,000 fine and/or five years in the pokey for voter fraud.

Apparently, for somebody who claims to love the United States of America so much, Ann Coulter seems to have far more love for herself and people of her class and background, considering her irrational aspersions towards whole swaths of the American population and her willingness to undermine the United States Constitution so that her side wins. Indeed, the rottenness of it all makes any sentient person sick, but given her wealth and her connections, I don’t expect her to eat her heart out about it anytime soon. Besides, she’d probably only break her teeth and get frostbite all over the inside of her mouth.…