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Bill Maher Goes “Politically Incorrect” And Sets Liberals Straight

Usually, when I write these things, I blandly describe all of Maher’s snark. Tonight, I’m going on my own politically incorrect diatribe,,, and damn the consequences.

For years now, liberals and progressives have gotten more and more caught up in “being outraged” over anything anyone might say that might offend someone anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Even if imagined. Liberals have worn this badge of honor at their detriment, quite seriously.

What? You say? Us liberals have defended the honor of everyone (unless, by everyone you mean everyone — anyone who isn’t male, white or makes a living even slightly higher than any average some statistical guru can throw at us to toss back in your face — Then it’s ok to ‘shame and mock). Liberals have increasingly lived by the rule of “if you are white and do anything “multicultural” you are inherently being offensive to that culture. That tact has earned the liberals the loss of the Senate, House, Presidency, the majority of governorships and most of the state legislatures in the country.

Say I am overreacting or my premise has no merit? Cause all those progressives out there on social media (you know, all the majority white folk who have the money to own all types of digital devices that they can be on Facebook and Twitter all day) say that we must be offended every time someone (white people, especially men) says anything that isn’t either totally neutral or demeans white people — otherwise it is offensive, unacceptable and we must have a “safe zone” to protect us from it.


I’m sorry if I come off as rude, but I grew up in Pittsburgh, one of those staunchly democratic, pro-union areas. Ya know what, looking back, I think I was raised pretty well — not perfectly, but pretty well. We grew up there like I am sure others were in the 70s and 80s, being instilled with values about all of us being God’s children, equal and all of that. At the same time, we were ethnic, we were cultural, and we weren’t ashamed of it.

We were never perfect, but we were decent people. People who loved and cared for our families and friends and didn’t wish ill will on anyone. Sometimes we were ignorant to ‘modern culture’ but we didn’t hate.

All those good Democrats I just described. All those decent and loving pro-union people — voted for Trump in the election.

They didn’t vote for him cause they were bigots or stupid. They did it because Trump was that buddy “at the end of the bar” who said those things that might have been wrong sometimes but were never ill-willed. That guy didn’t hate foreigners, but at the same time, he saw his and his family/friend’s jobs going away. They didn’t want to vote for “the other side” but increasingly, year after year, the “party” (democratic) kept getting more and more out of touch, more and more “elite.” The party that talked about the worker’s right to organize and their support of it hardly mentioned such things anymore — and just talked about how great some trade deal would be for them. The same way a company would tell it’s employees how the new “pay plan” was going to benefit them, only to see their checks shrink or their hours increase. Or both. Or maybe their job just disappeared. Suddenly, being offended about some crack about someone else wasn’t “the most important thing.”

While liberals were obsessed with anyone “fat shaming” the GOP took over every institution in government from School Board to The POTUS (and soon the SCOTUS).

It wasn’t about 1 gaffe on the campaign trail, it was about 1 guy actually at least pretending to give a shit about them. Something the Democratic party hasn’t done in 30 years. Seriously, they haven’t.

Meanwhile, liberals, while well intentioned, have become so obsessed with being outraged over every little thing everyone says and if it could potentially offend anyone, that they missed the forest for the trees. Like I said before, they lost the Senate, House, Presidency, The majority of Governorships and State Legislatures while worrying about what someone might have said that might have offended someone and/or somewhere.

Does anyone with a brain think that this strategy will win us anything down the road?

Seriously, I ask you — and please show your work, be specific. Enlighten me and millions of others how someone who might say something “insensitive” really matters so much more than someone’s job. And then explain to me why I should vote for the person who can’t get over someone’s comment over the person who actually seems to care about those jobs. I’m not talking right or wrong — I’m talking perception,,, and that is the reality.

As it has been pointed out — Hillary ignored the rust belt, by and large. Well, except for Philadelphia. Why? Philadelphia has one of those old school ground operations. The kind that literally goes out and takes people to polls. The kind that still pays out “street money” to locals to get those people to the polls. Nothing illegal or unethical, just old school. And on election night, Philadelphia did deliver the amount of votes that it promised and the Clinton campaign thought they needed.

The problem was all those rural counties in Pennsylvania we all laughed at produced more than anyone thought they ever would. Why? Because Clinton, The Democratic Party, and all those liberals abandoned them. Meanwhile, people like Trump and Trump himself embraced them. Yes, all that stuff about bringing coal jobs back was total bullshit. That didn’t matter. The fact was Trump was the first candidate in 30 years that actually came to their town and said, “I give a shit.” That is what they voted for. It wasn’t about party or ideologies or any “purity test” — they just wanted someone to act like they existed. While Hillary was entertaining in Philadelphia, Trump and his surrogates were going to Scranton, Butler, and DuBois telling them, “I didn’t forget you.” That’s what won the election.

Keep telling yourself that all those people are bigots or “ok with a bigot” and have fun getting your ass kicked in every election in the future. The fact is, all that never played into it.

They didn’t vote for or against anyone’s offhand statement that the liberal outrage machine was ready to pounce on. Frankly, they had enough of that. And even more frankly, their vote wasn’t hedged on who should use which bathroom. Most of them, if you take the politics out of it, are just fine with anyone using the bathroom of their choice as long as the world doesn’t make a huge deal of it. I’m sure that last statement will offend some — and I am equally as sure your outrage won’t sway one vote come the next election.

The fact is, the Democratic party and liberals need to get their feet back on the ground and concentrate on what really matters to people. What matters to them is their day to day life. Not some abstract concept of equality and justice that they never see. The Democratic Party has the right ideas at its core, it has just gotten taken off track by trying to please everyone all the time. Higher wages, the workers right to organize, the woman’s right to choose — all of our right to live a life that we choose with opportunities for all. Those are great ideals. The party and its members should fight for that. Instead, we’ve been reduced to fighting for someone’s outrage over something that affected nothing.

I am sure that some out there will put every word I said under a microscope and overanalyze it to “prove” something that is totally irrelevant. That is why Democrats are losing elections.